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Everything to love about this new UF series!

Burn for Me - Ilona Andrews

*dances around singing lalala* SO much love for this book! Anyone who has ever chatted books with me, knows that Andrew's Kate Daniels books are a beloved UF series, second only to Moning's Fever series. I had read her other new series Clean Sweep, which didn't do much for me, so there was some hesitation to pick this up. I really really wanted a new UF series to love.

Everything about this book rocked. Nevada is smart, funny, badass, compassionate, and fiercely loyal - an awesome book BFF. The plot is tight and hot and tense. Andrews returns to Houston and a world of magic, but with a different mythological bent than in the Daniels books. She understands how to dish the world building out to keep things interesting but never overwhelming. And the characters are a delight. Nevada's entire family is vibrant and fun and felt very real. Pierce is completely believable as a narcissistic psychopath, capable of great charm, while her love/hate issues with Rogan, again made total sense given who they both were. At no time did I find myself banging my head in disgust at her romantic actions. Which, honestly? Happens a lot in UF for me. 

Everything to recommend about this one, kids.