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Crash & Burn leaves me both in love and confounded

Crash & Burn - Abigail Roux

I kind of don't even want to rate it because two days later, I'm still not sure how I felt about this final Ty and Zane book. This series? My God, so much love for it. Ty & Zane (but most especially Ty) instantly became my crack. I was so invested in these two getting their HEA. And then when Roux spun off Nick and & Kels, well, I went from cautiously surprised to loving them just as hard. So I think that's what confusing me.


See, in terms of action, this final book was heads and tails above the rest. So much tension, so many stakes, even a couple "no way, it can't be!" moments. And the interpersonal relationships were amazing, with our Sidewinder group as a whole and all the various friendships within it. What, I think, stopped me from giving it 5 stars, was the romance angle. Yeah, it was there but not like it's been there in the rest of the series or the spin off. Mostly this was because of where everyone was at personally on this mission, but I missed it.


Because Roux gets me involved in the romantic happiness of her characters so damn well. I got to the end of this book and felt like I'd eaten a piece of really good chocolate cake but it had no icing. And I really really like her icing. (Okay, phrasing. I'm aware.) I'm letting it all settle. I know I'll re-read. Things may change... And please please please let the next Nick & Kels book come soon or I may explode.