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Landline - a book for grown ups in all the best ways

Landline: A Novel - Rainbow Rowell

It's kind of funny that as a mom and a romance junkie, I don't like romances featuring moms. I don't know why that is but I like my love stories child-free. Actually, I don't even particularly like it if he's the one with kids either. I'm sure there's something to be psychoanalyzed there.


Then I read Landline with its (normally) triple turn-off of mom, kids, and marriage on the rocks. Really, the only reason I read it was because Rainbow Rowell had written it. Yeah, so this turned into an early morning, one-sitting, breakfast-put-on-hold, devouring the story. And now I'll really never be able to read this kind of story again because Rowell has ruined all others by setting the bar so insanely high.


Landline is so sharply funny and achingly sweet. I rooted so hard for Georgie and Neil. This is a grown up book. Not because there is adult content but because it's an honest look at adult relationships - how they can be so much harder than ever imagined and so much more rewarding. How relationships don't end with the "get together/get married" HEA, they start there.


Lovely and unexpected, Landline isn't for kids. And that's just fine.