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The Magician's Land a perfect finale

The Magician's Land - Lev Grossman

At the risk of sounding obvious, this is a book about magic. Not just literal magic, but the magic of life and love. It is a story about hope and happiness and awe and amazement. It is a coming of age tale and for me, the strongest book of the trilogy. Every book in this series has gotten better and better and this final journey was the best of them all.


We're back with Quentin, a former king, now existing on the fringes of magic society, caught up in a sketchy job that he hopes can bring him his heart's desire. His quest has a particular urgency and wistful hope to it, as does the quest of Eliot and Janet back in Fillory. Grossman balances all the parts of this tale wonderfully, combining humour, a beautiful turn of phrase and wonderful character development. For anyone who ever loved Harry Potter, The Phantom Tollbooth, or Narnia but had to grow up - this is the series for you.