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Feverborn sucks me back in

Feverborn: A Fever Novel - Karen Marie Moning

Let me start from the beginning. Once upon a time there were the original 5 Fever books that blew my mind and immediately became one of my all-time favourite series. Then ICED happened. That made me scratch my head. Not because of Dani - I actually was quite happy to have her narrate it and have her own spin off, but because of a couple of major WTF moments that to me, went against my understanding of other characters.

Then came Burned. I don't even know what that was. Not sure why the Dani storyline was scrapped and we returned to Mac since I felt like her arc was perfectly complete as a main character after book five. However, more Mac and Barrons couldn't be a bad thing and so I happily dived in. And was seriously confused as to who this Mac was. KMM's reframing of certain characters in ICED was nothing compared to whatever odd version of Mac narrated Burned. She really lost me on this book and I wasn't sure I'd be back.


Okay, who are we kidding? Of course I'd be back because that's what I do. But I was very very nervous picking up Feverborn. The first couple of chapters didn't do much to reassure me since I felt like it was the Burned version of Mac going to narrate the entire thing and not the essential Mac. However somewhere in that beginning part, Mac fell back into place and from that point on, I was all in.


This is quite the ensemble tale and I was fine with that because I enjoyed everyone's storyline. The characters made sense to me again. There was even enough Dani to give me hope for future storylines. I loved being in their heads and dear God, how did Barrons get even hotter?


My only complaint was that the book ended really abruptly. I would have preferred to lose the *insert tense music/tune in next time* of it and actually play things out a bit more because I think that most of these storylines needed to move a bit further along in this book. There needed to be more balance between them.


Anyhow, I really loved it and can't wait for the next one. I just hope KMM fleshes things out equally across the board next time.