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Bravo for The Queen of the Night

The Queen of the Night - Alexander Chee

With a story about an opera singer, whose secret past has suddenly shown up as the subject of a new opera, it's no surprise that The Queen of the Night is, well, operatic in scope and feel.


A massive story, epic in scale, traversing continents, surviving sieges, and mired in political intrigue and conspiracy, this book lifts readers up to dizzying passions and plunges them to the lowest depths. All very theatrically, of course. I was enchanted with the story of Lilliet, the mute orphan with the fragile yet potent singing voice of a falcon soprano.

The mystery of who is putting on this opera, who can possibly know her secrets, is a slender one, yet provides the perfect way into her past–a past she may have thought herself free of but which continues to trap her in its web.


The prose is dense, grandiose, and gorgeous, befitting its lofty milieu. While I did think that the last third could have been cut back a bit, and I wish the romance had been handled a bit more definitively, I couldn't put it down. Apparently Chee spent a decade researching and writing this and it shows in the detailed care of everything from court gossip to gowns to historical fact and knowledge of opera and the operatic world.

Bravo, Mr. Chee.