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The White Hot sizzle of Ilona Andrews' magic

White Hot -  Ilona Andrews

White Hot was worth every second of the wait. The second book in a trilogy can be tricky because it can feel like filler for the final showdown. That does not happen with a master like Ilona Andrews. If there is a gold medal podium for urban fantasy authors, this husband and wife writing team are standing on it.


I tend to go on at length when discussing Andrews about her incredible world building skills, but come on. Her mythologies are fascinating, original (not an easy feat in the crowded UF market) and have me flipping the pages to learn more just as much as her characters do.


And speaking of characters, the MC Nevada, is a joy to read. What I love most about her is not, shockingly, her snark or kick-ass abilities, it's how close she is with her family. From the get go there is this mutual love and respect with all the members of her extended family. And she never has Too Stupid To Live moments. When she does keep things from them, I understand why, and honestly, most of the time, she's upfront about everything.


Then there's Mad Rogan. Can I honestly say I'm crushing on a psychopath with off-the-charts magic power? Why yes, yes I can. See, the thing is, Rogan is a product of his environment and in Andrews' hands we are exposed to not just Mad Rogan the monster and the legend, but Connor, the man. My heart broke in several places during this second book as we develop a whole new understanding of him.


I basically put my evening on hold and devoured this next installation, and it is with great relief that I only have to wait a couple of months for the finale instead of 2.5 years. But again, I know it will be worth it.