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Took me long enough

Keystone - Dannika Dark

Honestly? I was a little worried at first. It felt kind of info dumpy and I wasn’t sure it was going to hit its stride. But it soon did and then, bam! We were off like a rocket.


Plotwise, this book brilliantly avoided some expected tired twists and turns. I loved the direction it took and that I didn’t see a lot of it coming. It managed to play with conventional tropes while keeping them unique and fresh.


Raven, our heroine, is prickly, badass, stubborn, determined, and kinda broken. Qualities I love in my uf MCs. The devil is in the details, namely, how Dark keeps Raven from ever feeling whiny. We’re rooting for her, never rolling our eyes at her. Her emotional baggage is relatable and stems from a genuine, organic backstory.


And then there’s Christian. Yes, he ticks all the hot guy uf boxes, and managed to have a lovely charisma. Without spoiling anything, there was a plot turn near the end that really had me sit up and take notice, because it sets up all kinds of intriguing character growth (or stumbling) in future books.


All in all, thrilled I finally dove in to Keystone and can’t wait to see where book two takes me.