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Proxy - Alex London This was almost a 5 star book. I loved it in a devour in one sitting way. Except for the ending. First off, I thought it was a bit rushed and abrupt. I wanted more time for the characters leading up to Knox's death and then some kind of wrap up afterwards for Syd. I've since learned that this may be due to the fact that there is a second book for this series. Not sure how I feel about that. I think that this could have just been a great stand-alone.My other issue with the ending was if Baram was going to meet them at the facility in the end anyways, why not just take Syd with him? Why have him go off, meet the contact and have to make his own way there, especially given all the danger. It made the entire journey there feel like pointless conflict. And, maybe I misunderstood this, but I got the impression that it was Knox's father who killed Syd's father. In which case, wouldn't he have known where the facility was? And why allow it to still remain? Why not destroy it earlier? All that aside, I still highly recommend this book. It was a wonderful read - fresh and original premise that explored not just the idea of proxies but what does become the building blocks of civilization? What is our social responsibility if any, or do we put morals aside and let the free market thrive to whatever extreme it can? I also loved that there were 2 strong male leads, one of whom was gay and there was no real romance.Check this one out!