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Untitled (Rock Chick, #8) - Kristen Ashley I really struggled with what to rate this. Because at times I loved it so much but at other times, it drove me nuts.Okay, first the good. I love Ally. I love Ren. I love all the crazy characters and have through the entire series. Plus the ending just made me well up with happiness. Also, I was really glad this didn't follow the same Rock Chick template of person blows into town, mayhem ensues. I felt like there was a nice journey in terms of the deepening of all of Ally's relationships not just hijinx. So yay.Now, my issues. This book needed an editor. It was too long and waaaay too repetitive. Ally the badass with a heart of gold? Yeah, I got it after the first fifty examples. Or how she and Ren so got each other? All that together togetherness? Again, how many times did I need to hear about it.And Ren, for the love of God, finish your words. If he dropped one more "g" off the end of his word I was going to scream. Or turn it into a drinking game. My problem was that this guy was supposed to be the head of an important corporation. And when he's yelling at Dawn and sounding like a bad wiseguy in his office HQ? I found it hard to take him seriously at times when he spoke like that. Especially with Ally talking about how much class he had. A bit of a disconnect for me.The other Ren issue was the whole You thought I was in the mob? bit. Why was this even included? His uncle did illegal things. They talked about his dad getting whacked and the possibility of his uncle putting a hit out on him. So why make a point of ensuring we knew he wasn't mafia? It seemed pointless. All that, however, I could have forgiven. My biggest issue was the whole Jane writing the Rock Chick books storyline. Talk about self-indulgent and melodramatic. Having anyone write books within this book was irritating enough but then to have her do it under the real author's name? Seriously? And all of Jane's talk about how she was now living her dream as a romance writer and making people laugh? Well, actually she was being a glorified transcriber if she was just copying down what they'd all been talking about. But in addition to that, not a single female character had a problem with the intimacies of their life being used by someone to sell books. Nope. Not at all. This whole aspect of the book almost was enough to make me stop reading - several times. And considering how excited I was for the book, that's a lot.So, how do I feel about it in the end? Honestly? I'm still not sure. But I wish I had loved it.