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Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews So, those of your who have read other reviews of mine, know that I have a pet peeve about series featuring the same protagonists that run longer than 5 books. Because with very few exceptions, I find they become filler. Either character and/or relationship development stops and it devolves into wacky adventure of the week or it just jumps the shark, or it feels like we're biding time until the last book with the big climax.As Magic Rises is book six in a series that I've really enjoyed, let me say, I was nervous. But it was great! I loved it. Kate and Curran's relationship had me twisting with tension and anxiety and I bought where their issues where coming from on a character level. I really enjoy all the other characters and I love the variety of mythologies that is always brought into play in this world. Not to mention the magic/tech dissonance.I'm definitely sticking with this series. Hope there's a book 7 soon.