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Sins & Needles - Karina Halle The more I think about this book, the less I like it. And I have a feeling I may be one of the few that feel this way. First off, I loved Halle's EiT series. So I was going in as a fan.I love a good con story, but my first problem was that although the grifter details which were here were really interesting, there wasn't any sense of a strong central con that was pulled in this book. The goal felt soft to me.And I hated Ellie. The entire first part of the book, I found myself desperate to make an emotional connection with her and just couldn't because she was so unlikeable. And yes that changed once Camden caught her in the act of scamming him and turned the tables on her however that just led to another problem for me.Which was this sense of insta-love. Yes, they have a connection and broken pasts but it all felt a little too pat in the here and now. Mainly because I couldn't understand why the hell Camden would be in love with her after all these years. Things were horrible between them for most of high school. Ellie was a bitch, Camden rightfully humiliated her - where were these ongoing feelings coming from? I could understand lust but not love.My other problem was Ellie's back story. And this also ties in with the problems I had around the grifting itself. Ellie is set up as having a very strong, primal reason to want revenge on Travis. She goes back to his town, finds his right hand man... and what? What the hell was the plan beyond get to know Javier? And then just fall in love with him and never even see Travis? Really? Because her family found him pretty fast the first time around. And even when she finds Javier cheating on her, her reasons for walking away were lame. So she took a bit of cash and his car but wanted to keep her secret intact and what they'd had together intact? Why not confront him about cheating, break up with him. Cleanly end it and if she needed to, rob him anyways? Or, put the cheating aside to carry out the revenge on Travis for her leg, which would seem like the bigger issue here. Just as I thought, yeah, okay this is getting good, here we go - it ended. Sigh ...