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Gameboard of the Gods - Richelle Mead I was a late convert to Ms. Mead's writing. I was introduced to the VA series last fall and basically tore through it. I even kept going with Sydney in Bloodlines, although she's not the kind of character I generally enjoy. But Mead got me on board with her as well. That was until book 3 in that series, which I was so disappointed in, because it just felt like filler.Having just finished book 3 of Bloodlines, I don't know if I went into this with low expectations, especially since once again, here was a protagonist who didn't have the wit and snark I loved in Rose, but I fell totally into the story. I loved the world, loved the sci-fi elements, liked Mae and loved Justin. She's great at writing flawed guys. I did feel that it got a bit too long-winded info dump at the end, but I'm still really glad I read it, am completely invested in these characters and can't wait for book 2.Thanks to Penguin Group Dutton and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.