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Unraveling - Elizabeth Norris The book started off really strong for me. But somewhere in the middle, I just started to get tired of it. It's never a good sign when I start drifting off and wondering about other things. And the thing I kept wondering most was - what does Alex get out of this friendship? He was a perfect best friend and I had no idea what was in it for him. He simply existed to be great and help plot. I hate that. I want characters to feel real with their own hopes and wants and needs. The other thing I couldn't stop wondering was after her dad died, how was their family going to survive financially? Janelle worried about having to deal with her mom and be there for her brother, but the practical financial issue of how they all just kept going out for food and how would they survive without a breadwinner wasn't dealt with. Which I should not have been distracted by. But the fact that I was? Well, maybe that didn't bode well for my experience of the story. And also, I don't know about any of you, but I can't think of a single person that I'd started going to school with in elementary school and had never once spoken to by the time I was a junior. How much of a snobby cow do you have to be to never have spoken to a classmate? To never have noticed that person was even in your class? This is a common backstory detail in a lot of books and honestly, I don't get it. Especially if you're trying to create sympathy for the protagonist.