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Sanctum - Sarah Fine This book seriously irritated me. Yes, it had excellent world building and an original mythology. But it also had a bad case of insta-love and what I thought was a glaring character default. So Lela goes through the Suicide Gates to find her friend. Except to do so, she has also died. And this never comes up as an issue. No moment of wondering how this will affect her foster mom, or her plans for the future or even an OMG I'm dead! Just yeah, so that happened and here I am searching for my friend.It really annoyed me because this was a massive detail that just wasn't dealt with. And then, knowing it was a series, I kept waiting for her death to actually be a cheat. Which in the end, it kind of was, since even dead, she gets to go back to her life with the boy she loved. Definitely won't be reading book 2.