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Found (Penny Black #1) - Stacey Wallace Benefiel DNFI feel really bad about this. The premise of Found sounded right up my alley and it's rare that I can't make it through a book. Coupled with the fact that this was my first NetGalley arc, well, I wish I had liked it.SOME SPOILERS!Set up is tough. I know this. There are a lot of characters and lingo thrown at us off the top. That's okay, but when I found myself 30% of the way in, with no clue of what the big picture was, no sense of what the over-arching goal in the story was, I started to get concerned.In terms of the overarching mythology - by the time I gave up, about almost 2/3 of the way in, I still didn't have a clear sense of what New Society did. How did everyone's jobs break down in a clear and specific manner and what was the point? Yes, there were people who could rewind time, but what did they use it for other than random unfortunately events? When the Crusader bad guys were finally introduced, I didn't understand why the kids weren't aware of them? Why had they not been trained for a possible resurgence by these guys?The main two characters are Wyatt and Penny. I felt like I was told a lot of things about them that didn't actually pan out in my experience of them. Wyatt is supposedly considered a f-up by his family and is kind of an outcast back home. But here at his summer school (and I have no idea why its just a summer school) he seems to be really popular, the pretty girl, although bounded to another guy definitely has strong feelings for him and his family seems to love him. Because I wasn't sure what a lookout was supposed to do, exactly, I wasn't sure why he thought he was screwing up either.Then there was Penny - we're told she's had a terrible past and she's a street kid. Okay, but I didn't really see that manifest itself much. She pretty much trusts the New Society people right off the bat and is happy to hang out and get dreamy about Wyatt. What were her burning wants and needs?The last thing to throw me was tone. I'm all for funny YA paranormal/fantasy, you know that. But I felt like Benefiel kept undermining any tension she'd set up with constant jokes. After a while I began to wonder if anyone took anything seriously.As I said, I couldn't finish it. So maybe it picked right up. But I just wasn't able to stick around and find out.Thank you to All Night Reads and Netgalley for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review.