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Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles) - Gena Showalter Great title annoying book. First off, I felt like the tone was all over the place - from practically over the top melodramatic to snarky to angsty. The mythology/rules of the world was clunky. A lot to explain and even then there seemed to be a lot of exceptions to the rules that she had established. I don't know if the author just wanted her characters to be able to do certain things and couldn't figure out how to organically allow for them?But my biggest peeve with it was the Alice in Wonderland analogy. I felt like it was a smart marketing ploy and not much else. Had Emma and Alice actually loved to read the book together at the start or even felt like they lived through the looking glass with their dad's paranoia, I would have felt it was organic to the tale. But there didn't seem to be any reason for Emma to make rabbit clouds or make the Wonderland references. It was there but not for a reason. Did a good job making Cole a BDB-esque guy though.