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Follow the White Rabbit (Beautiful Madness) - Kellie Sheridan This was on me for not realizing the story was only a novella. Even so, I've read plenty of novellas that felt like full stories in their own right, but this just felt like set up. It's an interesting take on the Wonderland tale - that its time for another Alice to return and allow the natural cycles of the land to once more play out. The characters were fairly interesting. It's just there were a lot of characters and a lot of mythology and explanation to balance so I found it hard to fully connect with any one person. And then the book was over. I would have rather the author waited and combined it with whatever is to follow in order to make this a more fully fleshed out tale. Or perhaps instead of calling it book 1, call it book .5 - just so readers truly understand what its about.Thanks to Patchwork Press and NetGalley for providing a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.