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Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect (movie tie-in): The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory - Mickey Rapkin


2.5 Stars


Having just seen the film, I was really excited to learn that it was based on a non-fiction behind the scenes book. Love those so happily picked it up. Unfortunately, I found it to be neither insightful enough or scandalous enough. Just more a broad overview of the collegiate A Cappella scene, touching on a lot of history and politics. Some of the personal stories were interesting but given the synopsis, I thought there would be more depth and more of the "bizarre" that it cites.


Also, they made a reference to a show being held at McGill University in Toronto. This is one of Canada's top schools and located in Montreal. Not a huge deal, however, given this is non-fiction, made me question what else the book had gotten wrong.