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Marginally better

Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout

The best of the series so far for me. And no, it's not like it got any less Vampire Academy blatant. It's funny, I think that the thing that puzzled me, also worked for me. See, I found the tone switched drastically in this book. Suddenly, especially in the first half with Seth, the book went deep into snark territory. In a way that I hadn't felt it before.

I like snark so maybe that's why I liked this more. Because the plot - well, let's just say I feel like I've read it before. And the ending left me indifferent, other than to go, "okay, guess these things are going to happen in the next book."

So why am I still reading? Well, I want to see where it goes. Armentrout is a good writer. I loved her Lux series (the first 3 books I read anyway). And despite all my annoyances, she keeps me going through these books. Although were someone to ask what of hers to read, I'd say Lux. I think that's a superior series in all ways.