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Sweet fangirl doesn't totally leave me fangirling

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I wrote fanfic as a teen back before it even had a name. And I thank every deity that exists that no copies remain to see the light. So I was excited to read Fangirl. And while I really enjoyed the snippets of fanfic in the book - I mean, yeah, I'd totally read the Baz/Simon stuff - I think as a whole those bits and the parts from the "real" books, got in the way of this being a five star read for me. 

I loved Eleanor & Park. Like flat out, 0 to 60 pure adoration. Because Rowell writes love so damn well. It's actually kind of depressing because I read her books and think "why bother" about ever writing my own stuff. But she warms my cold dead heart so I keep reading. But sweet as this was, it was not E & P. 

While Fangirl did make me warm and happy, I never got into gush mode with it. Because I never fully lost myself in it the way I did with E & P. And I think that that has to do with all the Simon parts, snapping me out of the story every time I was fully immersed. I would have loved more time with Cath and Levi. Especially Levi. 

For my first read of 2014, though? Definitely the right choice.