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Foot stomp! Temper tantrum! Neeeeeed book 3!

Murder of Crows  - Anne Bishop

It's rare these days that I discover a series that I'm burning to read that isn't already complete. Waa waa waa on this one. Having loved book one in this series, I lasted all of 12 hrs before taking my name off the holds list at the library and buying the damn next book. Then I tore through that too. 

Bishop does an amazing job of crafting characters and a world I just want to hang out in. It's not super hot or even overtly romantic. It's the entirety of the world. I've grown to love the Others, the exploding fluffballs, the cops - everyone is so real to me. 

Which is not to say there isn't romance. I'm dying watching the burgeoning, deepening relationship between Meg, growing feistier and more fabulous with every page turned, and Simon, growing more confused. 

I seriously think the wait for book three may kill me, and God help me if this isn't a trilogy. Nice knowing you all.