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Happy to break up with Break Up Artist

The Break-Up Artist - Philip Siegel

I liked the ending. So I guess that counts for something? I was excited to get approved to read this book. I thought the premise sounded like a lot of fun and the cover is adorable. But when I got into the actual story? It just irritated me. 

First off, can I remember that third wheel feeling? Of course. But an entire high school of coupledom, where every single, well, single friend gets pushed out of the girl's life? Really? And where a point is made of how many of them change and have their entire existence revolve around their boyfriend? Not buying it. 

Interesting too that it always seemed to be female friends hiring the Break Up Artist. Apparently guys are capable of maintaining friendships in the light of relationships. 

I knew that Becca was going to come across as potentially unsympathetic given what she did, and had becoming the Break Up Artist been an immediate reaction to Huxley dumping their friendship, perhaps I could have bought into it more. But it had been at least 4 years. And she had a new best friend. Not like she was languishing by her lonesome. Sure there was all the stuff about her sister but still, learning that there could be two sides to a story was a revelation? I just couldn't get behind this book at all.

Thanks to Harlequin TEEN and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.