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Laini Taylor, I'm all wrung out

Days of Blood & Starlight - Laini Taylor

I find my experience with this series interesting and unlike any other. In both full length novels, I go through the same thought process. Hmm, like Karou, like Akiva, looooove Zuzana (which is probably why I adored the novella), like the mythology, bored by plot. Until about halfway through when I am so completely sucked in that I can't put it down. 

So, yeah, that happened again. I'm not sure why given everything else, including Taylor's gorgeous writing, that I have this emotional disconnect from the events. But there you have it. That said, once the book took off for me, I felt like I was put through the wringer. In the best possible way.

I have great hopes for the next book and am definitely looking forward to learning how this all plays out.