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My ambivalence to series continues in Thorn Queen

Thorn Queen (Dark Swan) - Richelle Mead

My ambivalence to this series continues. I'm planning on giving it one more book because, well its still Richelle Mead and I really enjoy her writing. This book though, just frustrated me. Partially because I have yet to be convinced of her feelings for Kiyo or him as a contender at all. I just don't see anything great about him or any genuine chemistry other than sexual attraction.

But my big gripe was

the rape. I've just gotten really tired of this device in UF. I know that she wrote this before many others used it, but I'm reading it now and I'm not convinced that it was necessary to the story.

(show spoiler)

I do still mostly like Eugenie though and my Dorian love continues. That said, I've been warned about book four being a deal breaker for some. So this next one ought to be interesting.