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Sweet Filthy Boy hits it on all counts

Sweet Filthy Boy  - Christina Lauren

I picked up this book because my friend Stacee stated in her Goodreads' review that "He is what those swoony YA boys grow up to be. And he speaks French... Do you even need more?" No, I did not.


So I spent more than I usually do on the Kindle version and dug in, with big hopes but not much expectation. Not because of any fault of this story, but that I'd just finished this phenomenal book that I hadn't been able to get out of my head. I'd tried starting 3 other books and DNF'd them all. SFB though, was the winner.


Loved it. Sweet. Filthy. Boy. Really, all you need to know is that the promise of that is more than amply fulfilled. Of course, there is a girl, our protagonist Mia. I liked her. Believed in her issues, loved her friendships, and her determination. Fair to say I devoured this book and see myself coming back to it again. Def looking forward to Harlow's story.