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Great expectations or just the story itself?

World After - Susan Ee

I was thinking a lot about how to review this one. I'd enjoyed Angelfall and was definitely looking forward to reading this one. But then within the last few weeks I also read Days of Blood and Starlight, which you know, also angels and so very very good. Then on top of all that, I'm reading the Lumateren series (fantasy) which is incredible - each book better than the last.

Maybe there were just too high expectations to live up to. But I found it really tough to be emotionally connected to this story for the first 2/3. The writing is good. The world is interesting - it just wasn't resonating with me. 

It did pick up, in fact, I got completely sucked in towards the end. But then it ended just as for me, it was getting going. I'll probably read the next book. Hopefully it will hit the ground running.