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Started off strong, then I drifted

The Serpent of Venice - Christopher Moore

LAMB is one of my favourite books so I get excited whenever I see there is a new Christopher Moore. Sadly, none of his others novels have come close to the same level of joy for me as that one. 

Serpent started off strong. Kind of a mash up of Poe's Cask of Amontillado, Othello and of course, Merchant of Venice, Moore's witty wordplay and deft juggling of the plot was a lot of fun. But then somewhere past the middle, I felt like the book started to drift. Or at least, my attention of it did. I wished there had been a serious edit to cull some of his more self-indulgent authorly tendencies.

Overall pretty good but I'm still waiting for another one of his novels to really excite me.