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This Heart more tepid than fiery for first half

The Fiery Heart - Richelle Mead

I wasn't a Sydney fan in the Vampire Academy series. But by the second book of this spin off, I was firmly onboard. Then I hit book three and started to wonder where it was all going? I felt like that last book was a lot of filler in preparation for this one. So okay, this one was going to be action packed, right?


Yeah, not so much. The first half of the book was a really slog. I kept putting it down and picking up other books. I think the only reason I kept going was because of my Mead love. And while it did amp up later in the book, I feel like this series is being churned out. There's not a sense of forward momentum from the first pages of each book any more. It's like we hang around with them until finally something kicks into gear and sets up a cliffhanger.


Which is annoying. And yet, I'm so invested in these characters between 4 books of this series and the 5 of VA, that yes, I'll keep reading. I just hope there is a greater sense of purpose from this point forward.