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Feed does zombies right

Feed - Mira Grant

Several years ago, I went to California Adventure Park and decided to ride the coaster. There I was, all belted in and bolted down when a countdown started - 10, 9, 8 ... As it got to 3, my thought was, "this seems a lot like what you would have before a rocket blaaaaaassssts offffffff!!!!!" (Yup, that's where the coaster did just that. And for the duration of that ride, I experienced an adrenaline high as we flipped, shot to the sky and plummeted to the ground. I got off the coaster lit up with joy, excitement, and buckling legs. A total rush.

Reading Feed was a similar experience, except that when it plummeted to the ground, there were casualties. Including my heart. THIS! This is how you write a zombie book. By not making a zombie book. Feed is an exploration of a society that has risen to cope with zombies. It follows 3 bloggers, Georgia, her brother Shaun and their tech goddess Buffy, as they cover a Presidential campaign, and the difference, in the media, in our entire society really, between fear and terror. Something, that all of us living in the post 9/11 shadow are all too familiar with. 

What makes this story so brilliant is how small and intimate it always feels. People, most especially these 3, are firmly at the heart of it. Their desires for the truth, their lives, their loves and yes, their realities in living in a zombie infested world drive the narrative. It's an investigative thriller where zombies happen to be a hell of a complication. I can't wait to dive into book two.