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Crazy Rich Asians all those things and more

Crazy Rich Asians - Kevin Kwan

I haven't had this much fun reading a book in ages! I'm really lucky to live in a city with an incredibly diverse Asian population. And even luckier to have had many friends over the years whose moms cooked me amazing food from all parts of Asia. So right off the bat, I was all over the food references in this book.


But beyond that, it was just a great glimpse into the petty, insular hierarchies of the rich, mega-rich, and impossible-to-fathom-rich of these particular characters. And while gossipy, bitching backstabbing abounded, there were surprisingly sweet relationships anchoring this story. While some characters were more arch than others, there were still genuine struggles and relatable desires underlying even the most over-the-top actions. Crazy Rich Asians is a witty satire about family, insecurities, and keeping up with the Shiangs in this pressure cooker society.