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Last Will and Testament gets everything right

Last Will and Testament (Radleigh University) (Volume 1) - Dahlia Adler
Anyone who follows my reviews or rants on my website, knows that I have a specific NA beef. I hate hate hate all those books where the broken, victim female protagonist finally comes into her own because of the love of a good man. Like it seriously stopped me from reading any more in this genre for a while. But I picked this one up because I've enjoyed some chats with Ms. Adler as well as her tweets and thought, "okay, this is the author I'll dive back in with." And I'm thrilled that I did. 

I read this book today, on a plane (I hate flying), coming back from my oldest friend's memorial service. There was a lot of emotional baggage on my part that it was going to have to overcome. But Adler nailed it. Our protagonist, Lizzie is dealing with a lot of shit. Poor choices academically and personally, parents who have just died in a car crash, leaving her in charge of her brothers when she can't even keep her own shit in check. Lizzie is a fighter. Yes, she has her low moments, and yes, there is a (lovely) guy, but ultimately the growth and the determination is all on her. Lizzie is plucky in the all the best ways, has a fabulous sense of humour, excellent sex drive and ginormous heart. Slam this one down on the top of your TBR because it's a delight.