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I'll Meet You There leaves me speechless

I'll Meet You There - Heather Demetrios

Wow. I am lost for words and consumed with feels for this story of Skylar, on the verge of getting out of the trailer park and terrified that dream won't become a reality, and Josh, who escaped into the military and he's returned injured without a leg. It would be so easy for this story to be a melodramatic after-school special but in Demetrios' talented hands it becomes a genuine journey of hope and heartbreak.

The author's own military family upbringing combined with the copious amount of research she undertook for this story is evident. Josh's story isn't reduced to "Oorah, America!" His situation, both in what drove him to enlist and the conditions and emotions entangled in his return are complex and prickly and tough and believable. As is Skylar. These two are fragile, flawed young adults on the cusp of a new path into adulthood they both yearn for and aren't fully convinced they deserve. 

Pick up this book. Read this lovely, funny, heartbreaking, hopeful story.