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The Dark Space fills me with all the feels

The Dark Space - Mary Ann Rivers, Ruthie Knox

I could tell you this is a story about two colleges students. And that would be true. I could also tell you it’s about their experience taking a contact improv class and the relationship that develops out of that class. Those things would also be true. But they are almost irrelevant.


What is relevant? The Dark Space is a story of intense sexual eroticism and incredible beauty. It is raw. It is primal. It is magic. It is a story that sinks into your bones and teases you and wraps you in colour and feeling.


It is a book that is not just read but experienced. It is about connection and intimacy and hope and fears. It is slithery. It is gorgeous. It is about invisibility and more importantly, being seen.


I am really glad I read it and many thanks to author Ruthie Knox for generously providing me with a copy.