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Returning to the playground of the wealthy in China Rich Girlfriend

China Rich Girlfriend: A Novel - Kevin Kwan

While I enjoyed the book and the antics of these beyond wealthy beings who exist like mythical creatures for me, it didn't grab me as much as Crazy Rich Asians. I enjoyed picking up with these characters and glad to see where Rachel and Nick were at. I didn't mind that they mostly functioned as a lens into the world of Colette and Carlton.


One thing I really love that Kwan does, aside from all his food descriptions which seriously, I should know better than to read his books without a really delicious Chinese meal before me, is his casual mixing in of pop culture references. It grounds the outrageousness of the wealth.


I'm not sure if this is a trilogy, but I feel like one more book would provide the perfect amount of storytelling to wrap up many of these characters and I look forward to reading it.