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Reconstructing Amelia dark, brutal, honest and brilliant

Reconstructing Amelia - Kimberly McCreight

4 days ago: Never heard of this book.
3 days ago: Saw it all over my social media and in a pointed "read this" email from a friend.
2 days ago: Read it and had my heart broken.

Reconstructing Amelia affected me so profoundly on so many levels. See, there are 2 stories going on here - that of Kate, the mom trying to understand what led to her daughter's death, and that of Amelia, her daughter in the time leading up to her final days.

I generally avoid books involving dead children because I find it so hard to go on that journey even fictitiously. But I had nothing to read and this was everywhere and so I picked it up. Don't get me wrong, it was agony sitting there with Kate as she unravelled the truth. You know her daughter is dead. There is absolutely no way this will have a happy ending. Though things played out in a more honest and more brutal and more devastating fashion than I could ever have guessed. 

Girls can be horrible. Really really cruel. I experienced bullying - not quite on this level but enough that certain years were horrific for me. And I've got a kid about to start high school, so my heart was caught in my throat as I was reading most of the book. There is no denying how real the events felt, and how terrifying because there are certain "truths" we tell our kids about combatting bullying and who will provide safe haven and who is there to help. This book challenges all those assumptions. It's bleak and it's believable and ultimately, dark as it is, Reconstructing Amelia is a story that needs to be read.