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Bourbon Kings goes down smooth

The Bourbon Kings - J.R. Ward

I looooved The Black Dagger Brotherhood - until I really didn't. So I went into this with a mix of high expectation and massive trepidation. Then, because it took a while before I actually got hold of it, I promptly forgot what the book was about and had to do a quick "Oh yeah, not paranormal" once I dove it.


After that little head shift, it was smooth sailing all the way. Ward does a phenomenal job of world building. The estate was so alive for me. The story harkens back to those epic 80's dysfunctional family dynasty stories and I had blast following along. Not that it's dated or stodgy because Ward stamps her unique edge and steam on it.


And while this is a tapestry with a lot of characters to keep track of, there is a definite heart with the love story of Lane, younger dynastic son, and Lizzie, head horticulturalist who didn't have a Sabrina ending two years ago when their relationship blew up but are not yet over the other. Through in all kinds of rich people behaving badly and you have pure delicious fun.


I'm not surprised to hear it's already been optioned as a series because both the book and small screen version could very easily become those most awesome of guilty pleasures.