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I Am Princess X FTW!

I Am Princess X - Cherie Priest

A fabulous YA novel about friendship not romance. This was a one-sitting, massive-grin-of-happiness-for-having-discovered-this-story read. Okay, where to start with the gushing. First off, you've got these two kids Libby and May exiled out of gym class who start making up stories together and so a best friendship begins. Except, Libby dies ... or so May thinks (kinda) until she starts seeing graffiti and stickers featuring the main character of all their stories - Princess X. (Not a spoiler - it's part of the book description.)

Let the mystery begin. 

Told in both prose and comic form, I Am Princess X is a sheer delight (and a super quick read). Did May's voice sound a bit young sometimes for a 17-year-old? Maybe, but I didn't care. You know how the great thing about Frozen is that the ultimate prize is love but NOT romantic love? Same thing here. It might seem weird that I champion that, given all I write are romantic HEAs, but I am such a believer in the empowerment and importance of female friendships - especially positive portrayals for young women. For that alone, this book gets all the stars.