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The cheeky brilliance of chosen one tropes in Carry On

Carry On - Rainbow Rowell

Have you all read Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl? If not, you need to get on that. Anyhoo, in Fangirl, the main character Cath writes fanfic about this Harry Potter-esque world featuring Simon Snow and Baz. Rowell, in her cheeky brilliance went on to actually write the tale of Simon and Baz. 

Expressing my love of this book would take hours. First off, not only are there so many sly allusions to the HP series, but she plays with all the chosen one tropes in general. Second of all, this is a super sweet YAish m/m romance which also deals with identity, the notion of being special, and what happens to all those kids who fulfill their destiny and have to get up the next morning?

Funny, lovely, witty, if you've ever been a fan of Harry Potter or chosen one tales in general, then I can't recommend this book enough. And you don't need to have read Fangirl to enjoy this. It stands on its own.