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Madcap delight in If Wishes Were Earls

If Wishes Were Earls - Elizabeth Boyle

I adore the "guy has to get over his idiocy and deal with the fact that he's in love with his best friend's little sister" trope. Combine it with a madcap HR and I'm in heaven. I was in a serious reading slump before I picked up If Wishes Were Earls, like anxiety and deep conviction that I'd never find another book to love were involved, so what a relief that this crossed my path.


So yay for Harry and Roxley! I had no problem with the fact that she chases him, especially since their relationship starts with her punching him in the face as a child. This chick knows what and who she wants and also knows that he loves her too and needs to get over himself. Was it a bit unbelievable that the book starts by mentioning he ruined her 8 months ago and yet, although honourable hasn't married her? Sure. Did I care? Not really. I found the entire story a delight and pretty much grinned my way through it. More like this please.