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You're the Earl is the one that I want

You're the Earl That I Want (The Lords of Worth) - Kelly Bowen

You're the Earl That I Want puts me 2 for 2 in super fun historical romances that feature my beloved "in love with best friend's younger sister" trope. Score!


I didn't realize that this book was the third in the Lords of Worth series and that I'd read and enjoyed the previous two novels. Nor did I know that it featured the "girl grown up and still in love with brother's best friend" trope or that the woman in question was a character I'd always been intrigued by in the series. So pretty much, the book would have had to screw up quite badly for me not to love it.


Fabulous! I think I like Joss as our female MC even better than I did Harry last week. Joss is brilliant, has travelled widely and is determined not to be pegged down into a traditional woman's role. Impressive for the early 1800s. But Heath has always been the one person who truly saw her and vice versa. Sigh, isn't that great? Now there's just a ton of baggage, including an over-developed sense of personal responsibility on Heath's part, dangerous Frenchmen out to kill them, and the appearance of the perfect wife in Heath's life standing between Heath and Joss's happily-ever-after.


Swoony, sexy, and a hell of a good time.