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Fun urban fantasy with In A Fix

In a Fix - Linda Grimes

In the mood for a funny UF, I was worried that I'd exhausted all the series possibilities already. Then I stumbled across In a Fix and my problem was solved.


As many of you know, I tend to loathe love triangles. Very rarely do I think that the "third wheel" complication is the one that our MC should end up with. However, in this case, I'm team Billy all the way. He's funny, he respects and supports Ciel, and honestly, Mark, the guy I think I'm supposed to root for, has no real personality. So I'm actually looking forward to seeing how this plays out across the series. (Though I reserve the right to change my mind and get annoyed.)


In a Fix is world building lite. There is a fun mythology with our characters able to borrow auras to take on the appearance of others, and lots of room for procedural mayhem with Ciel as a "fixer". She gets hired by people to become them in order to solve problems they can't or won't deal with.


So there's a lot of possibility for the A-plot cases over the series and also a lot of places for the characters to grow. Ciel is by no means perfect. She's a bit whinier than I generally like my heroines, but I see the spunk and backbone in her and I'm totally willing to go along for the ride. Basically, Grimes has given me a great jumping off point in this book, and I'm looking forward to spending more time in this world with her characters.