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Shades of awesome as the Magic continues

A Gathering of Shadows (A Darker Shade of Magic) - V.E. Schwab

Don't you love it when an already fabulous series just gets better? Why hello, A Gathering of Shadows, I'm looking at you.


First off, I'm a sucker for alternate city stories so when I read book one with its multiple Londons, Kell of the oddly coloured eyes, and Lila that cross-dressing thief, how could I not fall in love? Thing is, I read the first book when it came out so I didn't really remember much about it except the feels. Doesn't matter. Yes, this book builds upon what came before but Schwab drops in enough reminders that you don't need to do a re-read (though why wouldn't you want to?) Also, this story totally stands on its own.


Lila is dealing with her demons by running away to join a crew of privateers, while Kell and Rhy are dealing with theirs by trying to not kill each other. When Rhy organizes a magic tournament and invites the other kingdoms, it's the perfect event for disguises to be worn, steam to be blown off, and beloved thieves to reunite. But treachery is underfoot and Schwab deals a hell of a cliffhanger at the end. She is forgiven only because book three promises to top even these two in its amazingness.


Though I may die of impatience before it ever gets released. :(