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Try definitely succeeds

Try - Ella Frank

I'm trying to figure out exactly why a character that was so aggressive in his sexual pursuit of a straight man, so adamant in his refusal to take no for an answer, and so good at head games made me like him so much. The shallow reason is that Logan is incredibly charismatic and sexy. The deeper reason is that I really enjoyed watching the evolution of his character. The full force of his charm was heady, even as a reader.


I fell under his spell, and the story's as a result, and was happy to go wherever it led me, even if it wasn't necessarily that realistic. Not what I was reading this book for. I was in it for the explosive sexual chemistry, the steamy hot sexy times, the longing, the desire, the rush, and the burgeoning emotional connection between Tate and Logan.


For all my love of a good m/m romance, I'm not sure why this one hadn't crossed my path until now, but am very glad that it did. Will I read the next one in the series? Not sure yet but even though this wasn't a stand-alone (the ending is definitely cliff-hangery) I was pretty satisfied with it.


A fast read, a hot read, and a one sitting read. Settle in and make sure you won't be interrupted.