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Feversong ends with a bang

Feversong: A Fever Novel - Karen Marie Moning

Let me recap my feelings for the other books in this series:


Books 1-5: Brilliant! The series could have ended there and it would have been perfection.


Book 6: Some rather large WTF moments.


Book 7: Just nope.


Book 8: Back on the love train! Wheeeee!


Book 9: Exceedingly doubtful for first few chapters, then turning pages faster and faster, sobbing my eyes out towards the end, and finishing up with a giant smile on my face as I pressed the book to my heart.


For those of you who have yet to pick up this series, I can’t stress doing so enough. Even with the books 6&7 mishaps. This is a brilliant urban fantasy series set against a fascinating and original mythology of fae, Dublin, and other things that go bump in the night. Then for our main character, we have MacKayla Lane, on the hunt to find out who murdered her sister, and about to have a hell of a coming-of-age story. (She’s in her early twenties and this all takes place over 1 year.)


Next up, is the enigmatic Jericho Barrons, my (note the possessive because I will hurt you) book boyfriend, who keeps her on edge even as he pushes her to be more, do more and generally annoys the crap out of her but always has her back. Or does he? Mwah-ha-ha.


There isn’t a dud secondary character in the batch. And actually the death that hit me hardest in book 9 was a character who started out as relatively minor.


Eminently satisfying. There will be many re-reads in my future.