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Gone for You (Wild Side Book 1) - Riley Hart

For the second week it's friends to lovers here on Curl Up. I'm such a sucker for these stories, probably because that's the path of my personal love story. Also, dense people who finally wise up about THE ONE who's been right before their eyes all these years are delightful to read about when done well.


Hart does this very well. Oliver and Matt have been best friends forever and forever is exactly how long Oliver has been in love with Matt. Here's the key to a great friends to lovers story: we have to root for the friendship beyond anything. Sure the sexytimes is fun but the HEA is specific to these two because they are so great as friends and we can see how that friendship would form the basis of a brilliant romantic relationship. Note: this is not true of all friends. Not every pair needs to be shipped, people.


Oliver and Matt are perfectly imperfect and imperfectly perfect for each other. I have to say, it was a bit more angsty then I generally go for. I usually prefer the books that are rife with smart (smartass?) banter. This shocks you darlings, I know. But Gone for You was a one sitting read for me and I'm going to happily check out the other books in this series.