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Another great read from Lily Morton

Rule Breaker - Lily Morton

The “enemies to lovers” trope is only slightly less delicious to me than the “best friends to lovers” one. There’s so much delightful antagonism and so much infuriation that turns to explosive sexual content.


*fans self*


Dylan is the mouthy best, but for all his snark, he is a big softie with a heart of gold. It was such fun to watch him alternate between wanting to murder Gabe and wanting to screw him senseless. He’s just a good guy who deserves his HEA.


Trouble his, the object of his fantasies is a cold-hearted player – or is he? The more I read about Gabe, the more I adored him. He is a broken man, but with every glimpse, I rooted for him to get over his issues and beyond his past hurts, and embrace the love waiting for him. That sounds so sappy, I know, but seriously, I just wanted these two together so badly.


I’ve read one other Lily Morton book, and I gotta say, so far, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Can’t wait to catch up on the rest!