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Constant Craving - Tamara Lush

I meant to read one chapter of this book when I started. I had a lot to do and I just wanted a quick break. One. Chapter. So, the end of the book later, having been totally consumed by it, I raised my bleary eyes and muttered “More.” I’ll get to that.


Constant Craving was delightful. You all know how much I love second chance romances, right? Well, this one made my heart bleed. Justine and Rafa’s original relationship was death by a million little cuts and the painful nicks showed no sign of stopping upon their reunion. I was so tense for them to emotionally survive their latest encounter.


Lush’s writing is, well lush. She’s officially become one of those “why do I bother when I can’t write like her” authors. The story is sumptuous, the sexual tension made me light-headed, and the sex itself gets so deliciously filthy at times. Rafa is definitely alpha but, since that’s my catnip, all good.


All that would have made the book worth reading, but complicating Justine’s and Rafa’s relationship is the fact that her family newspaper that she runs is circling the drain and Rafa, now a real estate mogul has shown up as the financier who can make or break its continuing existence. Lush is an experienced journalist and she brings a fascinating level of detail and authenticity to the story. I loved all the newsroom elements as much as the romance.


Now for the “more.” There’s also the bonus of reading Rafa’s POV (he of the sexy Cuban accent) on Radish, a platform for serialized reads. I know I’ll be checking it out to get into his head. Meantime, enjoy the combustive chemistry of these two and pick Constant Craving up today!