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Vampire's Kiss (Legion of Angels) (Volume 1) - Ella Summers

Bear with me as I sort through why Vampire’s Kiss had all the elements I love like snark, sexual tension, interesting mythology and totally worked for me, while other books with the same tropes that I’ve read recently have not. Hmm. Ever read a book where it feels like they are trying too hard, either with the humour or the suspense or the sexiness? I think that’s it. The other urban fantasy books I’d started recently were trying too hard. Like the authors knew there was a formula that readers enjoyed and were attempting to shove those elements into it.


This story felt effortless in all the best ways. Let’s start with our MC, Leda. Yes, she’s badass and snarky and has difficulties with rules when someone she cares about is in danger, but these character qualities never feel over-the-top, and in fact, give her considerable difficulty at times. I simply loved everything about her voice.


Then there is Nero, our main love interest. He’s an angel, but Summers steers away from a lot of the clichés. In this world, angels can be made, which brings up an interesting discussion about the nature of humanity, that gets deeper, the deeper you get into the series.


Every book deals with Leda levelling up as she moves through the Legion, with missions and sexytimes. How do I know this? Well, I’ve binged the first 4 books in 3 days. It’s actually a good thing that the final book was released because I’m going to need it very soon.


If you’re jonsing for good uf, check this series out.