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Roomies - Christina Lauren

UGH! THIS BOOK GAVE ME ALL THE FEELS!!! Roomies is so beautifully evocative and dreamily romantic that I basically finished it and figured I may as well quit writing because why bother in the face of this gorgeousity?


I loved Christina Lauren’s Wild Season series, though other stuff has been more take it or leave it for me. But Roomies surpassed even my love of her other series. (Also, can I just say how jealous I am that this author is actually two best friends who write together and look like the most adorable of besties?) I realize I sound like a broken record, but this book is just so damn romantic.


We are forced to live every agonizing moment of Holland’s crush on Calvin, this impossible situation she’s gotten herself into, and the depth of her feeling for not only this man, but her uncle for whom she’d do anything to make happy. Holland and Calvin’s chemistry is off-the-charts, and it’s agonizing to figure out whether or not he really cares about her or is just doing whatever it takes to realize his lifelong dream.


The thing is, while there are definitely bad behaviours, there are no real bad guys. It’s so easy to understand where all these characters are coming from and why they’re behaving as they are. Lauren pushes us into some truly heartbreaking territory.


And as much as this is a story about a couple falling in love, it is equally about one woman falling in love with herself and realizing that she can be the heroine of her own story instead of a supporting player. I can’t think of a single thing wrong with this book, except for the fact that it ended.